The Podcast Launch

I promised that there would be more exciting content coming (see below) and I delivered. The first episode of The SVU Podcast:Characters Welcome is now up and available both on this site and on iTunes so go subscribe now. 

It was a long time coming but going forward our plan is to review an episode and release a new podcast every other week. Once we get the hang of it (because we have literally no experience) and if the feedback we are getting is mostly positive then hopefully we can transition into a once a week thing.

We welcome all constructive compliments (and criticism) but just remember that this is a podcast by your average viewer and for your average viewer. We are aware that Eli's voice makes him sound like someone who would go to Hudson University and my favorite word appears to be "um". Based on this first recording we also learned when you drink and try to record a podcast that setting a glass down is always louder than you think. We learned that it would probably be a good idea to take better notes during the episode so our recap doesn't sound like I can't remember anything I watched. But at this point I think we deserve a learning curve because much like Detective Olivia Benson in this episode this was our first day on the job so we only have room for improvement.

So next time you're marathoning SVU on USA and Payback comes on try listening to our podcast so you can hear Eli explain that getting a prostitute is okay just as long as your wife is paralyzed.