SVU in the News

With a new podcast episode scheduled to be released this Friday also comes some new segments. One of these new segments will be SVU in the News where we talk about anything currently going on relating to Law & Order SVU production that we deem relevant. 

That being said, gaining more notoriety in the news is the fact that the Donald Trump inspired SVU episode that was filmed in the beginning of this season's production and initially pushed back until after the election has been pushed back indefinitely. And very recently former showrunner Warren Leight came out and said he didn't think the episode would air at all. Well he obviously is on the same page as us here at The SVU Podcast: Characters Welcome because this is exactly what we talked about when we filmed the segment earlier this week.

As much as NBC tries to deny it, they are obviously pro-Trump or at least part of the Trump enablers category. They gave him 14 seasons of The Apprentice and as recently as the beginning of this year let him host SNL. NBC has not come out and explicitly said why they keep pushing back the episode airing and Law & Order SVU has never really been a program that shies away from controversy which is how I arrived at my theory on why they are not gonna air the episode - they are afraid of the backlash from the Trump internet bullies that got him elected in the form of episode reviews.

Let's look at the facts - the lowest rated SVU episode on IMDB is the same episode that pissed off arguably this same group of people. TV is also a rating's game and it's no secret that ratings for SVU are not what they used to be. So I think that NBC is aware enough that they don't want all these angry internet people trolling their ratings sections, dropping the scores to Gamergate levels and creating all this negative publicity surrounding an already controversial episode. Instead, NBC is gonna stash this episode in the vault and hopefully we can all get a good kick out if the episode in four years if we are not all dead.

PS - If SVU still wants to do a Trump inspired episode this season they should check out our 'You're Welcome Dick Wolf' this week and the problem is solved.