You're Welcome Dick Wolf.

So if you've been keeping up with The SVU Podcast: Characters Welcome you would know that each week one of our favorite segments is You're Welcome Dick Wolf. In this segment Eli and I take turns pitching Law & Order SVU episodes for future seasons by ripping stories straight from the headlines.

And if you haven't been keeping up with the podcast it's time to go catch up to the Emmy contending brilliance we've come up with so far including:

-A Tom Brady/Bridget Moynahan child support/dildo throwing episode (based off the Buffalo Bill's dildo throwing incident)

-An episode in which the state of New York bans all pornography resulting in an increase in sexual assaults and Barba has to fight to get porn back (based off The Donald becoming president - notoriously a very anti-porn guy)                                                                

                   >>>>>UPDATE: Apparently South Carolina is trying to do that now

-A conspiracy theory episode linking the Texas Rangers sexually based hazing all the way back to Al-Qaeda proving Bush did 911 (based of the Texas Rangers sexually based hazing and Eli connecting the dots)

Now if those descriptions don't entice you to listen to our newest You're Welcome Dick Wolf segment that appears in our upcoming review of the season eight episode Loophole then maybe this picture preview will do the trick:

I don't want to give too much away but some brief items of note include:

  1. Pizzagate
  2. Munch is Back
  3. Dickie Stabler is back
  4. Dave Coulier is the perp (setting up a Full House SVU marathon with the Bob Saget episode and the John Stamos episode) 
  5. The crazy lady from the William Lewis/Dr. Rudnick trials is back

So make sure to look out for the newest The SVU Podcast: Characters Welcome episode where we review Loophole and listen for the You're Welcome Dick Wolf segment.

PS - Any Law & Order SVU writers that are reading this can hit up the DMs if you need more details for the episodes when you write them.

PPS - It's Dick Wolf's birthday. Happy Birthday Dick Wolf