The Perfectly Timed Season 16 Marathon

So this is gonna work out well. 

I turned on USA Network this morning and saw that they would be airing Season 16 episodes throughout the day. I quickly checked the schedule for the specific episodes airing and low and behold - 8pm broadcast of Granting Immunity. 

Why this works out well is the next episode of The SVU Podcast: Characters Welcome is a review of Granting Immunity and was scheduled to be released this Friday. However, because of this stroke of dumb luck we will be treating our listeners with the early episode release of our newest podcast episode tonight around 9pm with our full review of Granting Immunity.

Now if you've never seen Granting Immunity (aka the Cobra Starship episode) make sure you catch the episode from the very beginning because the first five minutes capture the essence of everything you would want in an SVU episode (intro music montage, kids sneaking booze into school, over-the-top party in the middle of the day, teenagers thinking taking selfies is cool, teenagers thinking sending nudes is cool, orange lipstick, ect.) And if you have seen this episode before you know the 'Good Girls Go Bad' intro is the best part and its all downhill from there. Either way we already watched the episode so here are some of the best things to look out for while you watch the episode and then listen to our podcast about the episode:

1. I cannot reiterate enough how good the first five minutes are. It's the reason Eli made us watch this episode.

2. Larry Heller is lowkey the best/most pathetic character in the episode. He almost goes to jail for spreading child porn AND his mom roasts him in front of the detectives for being a nerd.

3. Trudy aka the Queen Bee of the Tribeca moms has a necklace that says "Kale" because she's the worst.

4. During the episode it appears that Rollins and Carisi and sharing the same coat. Not like they both have the same coat but sharing the same physical coat. 

5. All the hints that Amaro is gonna leave the SVU. (Including scene with his dweeb son Gil.)

Bonus: Girl not wanting to turn in her phone to the cops because she's super far in Candy Crush.

So tune in tonight and watch the episode live on USA Network at 8 and then check back here or on iTunes for our review of this episode (you can also catch up on our previous reviews of the pilot episode and the Robin Williams episode).

Characters Welcome.