Why BD Wong is the Man.

In our upcoming The SVU Podcast: Characters Welcome review we tackle the Season 11 episode Users. Inspired by our joint love and admiration for BD Wong, we chose to watch this episode because it is one of his best performances. The episode shares a similar premise with the fantastic Boy Meets World episode where Shawn joins a cult and Mr. Turner gets in a motorcycle crash. In both story lines a creepy older guy creates a place where vulnerable teens hang out and all the adults with common sense can see the guy in charge is a sociopath (Mr. Feeny = Stabler, Mr. Turner = BD WONG, Mr. Mack (creep) = Martin Gold). Like Mr. Turner, BD Wong takes things into his own hands and does what he can to make sure this psycho gets shut down (but he doesn't get in a motorcycle crash). 

So in honor of BD Wong here are the top ten reasons why he is the man and will always be the man:

10. His role in Slappy and the Stinkers where he plays a music teacher of the kid who was Otto in Rocket Power.

9. Chosen by Goldsea Asian American Daily as one of the "100 Most Inspiring Asian Americans of All Time"

8. Jurassic Park

7. The time he RTd the GIF of his face on a dancing kid because there was a BD Wong SVU marathon on.

6. He has a son named Jackson Foo Wong and he wrote a book about him called "Following Foo: The Electronic Adventures of the Chestnut Man".

5. Mulan

4. The video of BD Wong teaching you how to eat a chicken wing from GQ.

3. His sweater and suit game is always on point (see previously mentioned GQ article for reference.)

2. He won a Tony award in his Broadway debut in 1988 for Best Actor in a Featured Role.

1. Dr. George Huang. Anytime you see BD is gonna be in an SVU episode you know the episode is going to be that much better. He was the glue that held the show together for 229 episodes (not counting the episode he came back to in season 17 where he was kind of a dick.) Also - in the episode Users that inspired this article he is basically a recreation of the Homer Simpson bush meme.


So thanks BD Wong. And keep being awesome.