What Can We Learn About The New England Patriots From a 2008 Episode of Law & Order SVU?

At first glace - nothing. But upon closer inspection - everything.

Back in 2008 Law & Order SVU aired the episode Closet - a story about how the best quarterback in pro football murdered his secret boyfriend after blacking out and blaming his history of concussions on not being able to remember doing it. At first glance you may just think that this is just an episode trying to rip some headlines surrounding gay athletes in professional sports but we looked closer and were able to see how all the dots were connected.

As we look closer at the episode's victim/suspect Lincoln Haver we can draw some similarities to a certain New England quarterback:

Both were labeled the best quarterback in league, both were number 12 wearing dreamboats with a strong jawline, both had high profile model girlfriends who were setup for them on blind dates, and both seem to have a bit of a temper on the sidelines.

There are also other facts to consider. There's the fact that Law & Order SVU takes place in New York. There's the fact that the lead detective is an obvious New York Giants fan. Seen left, Mariska Hargitay aka Olivia Benson has a partnership with the Giants organization - a noted playoff rival of the New England Patriots. Combine all of this and it is obvious that Lincoln Haver is in actuality Tom Brady and these Giants fans are slyly throwing another jab at the NE fan base.

However - the dot connecting does not end there. It is reasonable to assume that someone in the New England front office saw this episode back in 2008. Instead of taking the episode at face value as an insult to their franchise quarterback, they saw it as an opportunity for organizational growth.  Always trying to stay a step ahead of everyone else in the league, the Patriots developed the plan to get a violent enforcer of their own with the loophole excuse that football made him do it.  

In the football season following the airing of this episode a certain bad boy tight end from Florida started to gain some notoriety both on and off the field. That same year a certain stud quarterback missed the entire NFL season after suffering an injury week one. The minds in the front office must have started churning and realized that Tom would need an insurance policy/protection going forward.

Flash forward to 2010 when the New England Patriots selected controversial Florida Gator Aaron Hernandez. The team appeared to overlooked all the off the field baggage associated with the young tight end when in reality the baggage is what drew the team to select him. Loose cannon Hernandez was exactly the player they needed to protect Brady with the thought they could just get Hernandez black out drunk and blame any violent behavior on his years of football and him not being able to control what he was doing.

Not wanting to again be put on blast by the SVU franchise, the Patriots lost their next Super Bowl appearance to the New York Giants out of fear of exposing this plan in a future Law and Order episode. But things derailed when Aaron went rogue and started killing anyone who made him spill his drink or anyone that knew he killed anyone who made him spill his drink. To distance themselves from the situation the Patriots cut ties with their secret CTE bodyguard and went on to win the Super Bowl in 2015. 

But the weight of a guilty conscience on Tom Brady and the Patriots may be too much as they have failed to win a Super Bowl since Hernandez's murder conviction later that year. On the brink of another championship that would be undoubtedly be marred by a Scarlet A (for Aaron Hernandez), the looming threat of exposure of this Law & Order SVU conspiracy will be too much for Brady and the Patriots to handle.

Falcons win 38-35.

On a side note - the 2008 episode Closet ended with the agent confessing to the murder and him saying that his client would have 10 years left if he was lucky. Factoring out the missed 2008 season, this means Brady will be playing until 2019. You heard it here first.

Dun Dun.