Kidnapability Power Rankings

So on the brink of another episode release of The SVU Podcast: Characters Welcome we got into a brief discussion during our SVU in the News segment surrounding the newest Law & Order SVU episode that came out this week. The previews for the newest episode (in addition to a garbage fake storyline of Benson retiring) showed Carisi in danger/possibly being kidnapped. This sparked a dialog of which characters would be least likely to be kidnapped from the current cast which leads us right into this article.

(Un)official Law & Order SVU Kidnapability Power Rankings

*Note - higher ranking means more likely to be kidnapped*

1. Olivia Benson - Could this be any more obvious. The Benson getting kidnapped storyline is becoming as overused as the Stabler beats people up storyline. Last season she got kidnapped doing a house call, before that William Lewis played a season long game of cat and mouse, and even before that she got tricked into being kidnapped by Robin Williams at a train station. The only thing she has going for her in the kidnapping department is that by now she is so experienced that it can't possibly happen again right?

2. Rafael Barba - We already know that Barba made some enemies at the end of last season. Couple that with the fact that he's a sarcastic and dainty man (not unlike myself) and he is an obvious target of someone who the writers will decide needs to be kidnapped.

3. Amanda Rollins - Ugh. At this point I think Rollins just needs to be kidnapped so that all the stupid decisions she makes finally catch up to her (helping her sister, gambling a bunch, helping her sister again, having a love child with a superior officer, ect.) No wonder Benson hates her.

4. Dominick "Sonny" Carisi Jr. - Okay so before this most recent episode Carisi would have been much higher. He doesn't really give off the same tough guy vibe as detectives in the past (Amaro, Stabler, Cassidy). But after this week and he has a gun literally one centimeter from his face I suspect that Sonny isn't gonna take anymore shit from anyone and is gonna turn into the tough guy this current cast has been missing. (Or it could go the opposite way and Carisi takes over for Barba as a lawyer after Barba gets kidnapped at the end of the season).

Last - Odafin Tutuola. There is no way Fin ever gets kidnapped. Reasons include: he used to have a pony tail, he has an extravagant track suit collection, he's obviously loaded so he could just pay anyone off with the ten grand he's always carrying around (he needs to carry this much to offer Rollins money to get out of gambling debt), he's always the first to pull his gun out, and most importantly he doesn't give enough of a fuck to get kidnapped. The more important aspect in a kidnapping is that the person doesn't want to be kidnapped but I'm guessing Fin would just go along with it because he has nothing else going on.

How is this guy going to get kidnapped. Ever.

How is this guy going to get kidnapped. Ever.



Most likely to kidnap someone - Stabler. He finally snaps or something happens to one of his kids and all rules go out the window. I say 30% chance his next appearance on SVU is him as a perp for kidnapping someone who killed Kathy.

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