Making A Marathon

Everyone knows that Sundays are for SVU. And everyone also knows that on Sunday the USA Network loves to jam fantastically themed SVU Marathons in our faces. In an attempt to alleviate some of the pressure for the USA Network, our weekly Making A Marathon segment takes the episode we reviewed and creates an SVU marathon relating to that episode (while also attempting to work the John Stamos episode into the marathon.)


Now that we are ten episodes into our podcast this means we are officially allowed to make a top ten list of the top ten SVU marathon ideas we've had so far based off of the episodes we have reviewed. Enjoy!

10. Cinco De Mayo Marathon (Loophole) - This was definitely our weakest marathon in terms of naming, plausibility, and relation to the John Stamos episode. This marathon features all episodes relating to immigrants and/or suspects or victims with questionable green card situation.

9. Ballz to the Wall Marathon (Closet) - Following our review of the Tom Brady inspired Closet episode, this felt like an obvious marathon showing any sports themed SVU episodes as well as the John Stamos episode because he has so much game.

8. TV Dads Marathon (Gambler's Fallacy) - A marathon dedicated to all of the episodes starring TV sitcom dads - except for the Stephen Collins episode because that guy turned out to be a scumbag. Also, we get to show the Stamos episode twice because of Full House and his recently cancelled Grandfathered. (Bonus tip - air on Father's Day)

7. Bad Moms Marathon (Granting Immunity) - This marathon features episodes with horrible parenting from mothers including the episode where 47 different mothers had children with J.S. This gets the edge over the Dad's marathon because of the Hilary Duff episode. (Bonus tip - air on Mother's Day)

6. Ends Justify the Mean Marathon (Users) - A marathon dedicated to all the times our detectives decided that breaking the rules was worth it in the end such as stabbing a man in the penis with a shark knife so he would stop having children.

5. Aren't You A Doctor Marathon (911) - Following our review of the extremely overrated 911 episode we came up with the obvious marathon of airing episodes featuring actors who have noted roles as doctors in other shows and movies (Grey's Anatomy, House, Robin Williams in Patch Adams/Flubber, and ER for Stamos.)

4. Guest Detective Marathon - Our most recent marathon comes in at number four. This Sunday marathon would features all SVU episodes where a guest detective comes in and helps the squad with an investigation. We noted that a Dani Beck episode would air but this would be a great opportunity for viewers to break for lunch.

3. Throwin' Shade Marathon (Sick) - This marathon was inspired following our review of Sick where a Michael Jackson themed character is dragged through the court system simply for hanging out with kids in the Treasure Room. It will feature any SVU episodes were an obvious ripped from the headline situation occurred including the John Stamos episode where they based the antagonist off a character who had too much sex so he decided to play himself.

2. John Wayne Bobbitt Marathon (Payback) - We were able to come up with gold in our first review and we were just getting our feet wet in the marathon creation game. This marathon features all episodes where someone loses a penis (Spoilers - John Stamos gets his penis cut off.)

1. Kid's Choice Award Marathon (Authority) - This marathon was on the verge of going two ways after we watch the beloved Robin Williams' episode. In a choice between an Oscar winners marathon and a Kid's Choice Award Marathon we chose the latter in an attempt to reach a wider and younger audience as well as another opportunity to air both the Hilary Duff and John Stamos episode in the same marathon. (Obvious Tip - Air right before the Kid's Choice Awards).