SVU in the News: Connect the Dots Edition

In our upcoming episode of The SVU Podcast: Characters Welcome we once again discuss any and all ongoing of Law & Order SVU circulating in the news. It has been a busy couple of weeks so I just wanted to make sure some things went on the record before it was too late. 

Let's start with the speculation that SVU is already looking to replace new show runner Rick Eid after one season. Rumors have been swirling around that they may be looking to bring back the recently departed Warren Leight and either way a lot of uncertainty surrounds the whole situation. 

Now consider the recent news that veteran alum Chris Meloni is open to returning in some capacity to SVU if the situation is right. Stabler has already been spotted hanging around his former co-star Mariska Hargitay and fans of the show have taken notice.

Benson and Stabler probably talking about how awesome filming the season 18 finale together was.

Benson and Stabler probably talking about how awesome filming the season 18 finale together was.

And then in the most recent news, it was come out that the Donald Trump inspired episode that was filmed and shelved at the beginning of the season, will not be airing at all this year (but we already saw that coming).

So what does this all mean? 

Well to an expert detective such as myself it is obvious to see that the uncertainty surrounding the shows direction heading into the next season should be alarming. Also alarming is the fact that SVU has still not been picked up for another season meaning that the already announced two hour season finale of season 18 would serve as the shows series finale.

SVU is not airing the Trump episode because they don't want that negative publicity overshadowing the show in its final episodes.

And to top it off, all of this Chris Meloni talk surrounding an SVU return is moot because he has already filmed his comeback and the show is keeping this a secret in a ploy similar to Michael Scott returning for the Office finale.