Which NFL Team Every SVU Fan Should Be A Fan Of?

For the past six months, Sundays have primarily been dominated by SVU marathons on USA network. But for some, we have once again reached the time of year where Sundays have transitioned to finding the balance of watching football and watching dedicated detectives investigate vicious felonies. And for those of you who love these detectives but don't really know which football team you should love, here is an easy breakdown of which team to back based on your favorite character:

Det. Olivia Benson - New England Patriots
Reason: Arguably, both have been at the top of their class for the last 18 years.

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Det. Elliot Stabler - Oakland Raiders
Reason: The name Stabler for some football fans will forever be linked to quarterback Ken Stabler who played for Oakland through the 70s. Both Oakland and Elliot used to be perennial powerhouses/toughest in the game and now both are primed for a revival?

Det. John Munch- Baltimore Ravens
Reason: Detective Munch originally started his career in Baltimore so this seemed like an obvious association. Additionally, being that Munch is widely known as a conspiracy theorist, as a Ravens fan you investigate the puzzling question troubling their fan base of "Is Joe Flacco Elite?" 

Det. Odafin Tutuola - New York Giants
Reason: Somebody had to rep the home town squad and who better than Fin. Born and raised in New York, Fin has grown the earn the respect of his peers of the past 17 years.

Dr. George Huang - Dallas Cowboys
Reason: The Cowboys are regarding as America's team and Dr. Huang is regarding as America's favorite character on Law & Order SVU.

Rafael Barba - Denver Broncos
Reason: According to a quick internet search, Denver has one of the highest Spanish speaking fan bases in the NFL. Also, he's a lawyer and the Broncos are good at defense. 

Det. Nick Amaro - Los Angeles Rams
Reason: Both moved out west and nobody cares about them anymore.

Det. Amanda Rollins - Atlanta Falcons
Reason: She's from Atlanta. This one seemed obvious.

Sgt. Mike Dodds - New York Jets
Reason: Both were good for that one year but now they're dead and showing no signs of life.

Ken Turner aka John Stamos - Cleveland Browns
Reason: John Stamos' 47 kids are the equivalent to the number of quarterbacks the Browns have used over the last 18 years. And speaking first hand - like John Stamos in SVU, as a Browns fan at the end of the season you feel like you got stabbed in the penis with a shark knife.