Season 8 - Loophole

In this fourth installment of The SVU Podcast: Characters Welcome the boys are back and they are discussing the season eight episode Loophole. The discussion begins with Jeff and Eli trying to prove once and for all which Goldberg (Bill vs Whoopie) episode of Law & Order SVU is the best. The climactic opening scene featuring the former wrestling great rampaging on PCP is broken down along with the rest of the episode which includes a false pedophile arrest resulting in a prison shanking, the most helpful criminal with an ear wax problem of all time, and a white collar crime convicted through blackmail. This week's segments include Making a Marathon, Talent Scouting with Dick Wolf, SVU in the News, Fun Fact(s) of the Week (featuring our first episode EGOT), You're Welcome Dick Wolf, Cop of the Week, and a collaborate Eli's Hot Take of the Week where we point out possible explanations for a listener not giving a five star review.

Dun Dun.