Season 16 - Granting Immunity

This latest SVU episode review is a breakdown of the Season 16 episode Granting Immunity. An opening montage to the tune of Cobra Starship's Good Girls Go Bad is the only real highlight of an otherwise lackluster episode as focus shifts to vaccinations instead of all the sexually based, especially heinous activity from the beginning. Regardless, Eli and Jeff still bring you plenty of takes including Jeff explaining that Olivia Benson's son Noah probably has autism and as a result she will become an anti-vaxxer in the years to come as well as a surprise Eli's Hot Take of the Week and a You're Welcome Dick Wolf episode you need to hear. Clueless Sean is back again for the Rewinds along with other segments including Making a Marathon, SVU in the News, Fun Fact(s) of the Week, Simpsons Did It, Next Witness (featuring a call with a private school teacher), and the Cop of the Week.