Season 15 - Gambler's Fallacy

This latest Law & Order SVU review is a breakdown of the Season 15 episode Gambler's Fallacy. SUPER SPOILER ALERT - GO WATCH THE EPISODE FIRST. Our favorite guest Sean has returned and helps us introduce our newest segment - Sean's 30 second episode review. Sean's freezing cold takes throughout our watch only enhanced the viewing of this Rollin's centered episode and her journey into the underground Irish gambling scene in New York City. Jeff and Eli break down the episode's main plot points until everything culminates into a Taco Bell analogy and the lessons you can learn from spying on a coworker. Additional segments include Making a Marathon, SVU in the News, IMDb Credit of the Week, Talent Scouting with Dick Wolf, Next Witness (featuring our patent lawyer answering questions about undercover cops and child porn), A You're Welcome Dick Wolf from Eli, and our Cop of the Week.