Season 14 - Friending Emily (Part 1)

Jeff and Eli are back to talk through the insanely bizarre Season 14 episode Friending Emily. This episode seems like the one of the only Law & Order SVU episode in which the super obvious creepy guy from the beginning actually turns out to be the super creepy guy. Viewers are also treated to the first appearance of Rollins' sister "Hurricane" Kim, Rollins' sudden ability to navigate through the dark web, and an investigation being led by a convicted felon. This review also features the first ever Rewind of one person drinking Kirkland lights and watching the episode alone while making comments. Segments this week include Making a Marathon - Welcome To New York edition, a very quick Episode EGOT, SVU in the News featuring a recap of the S19 premiere, Simpsons Did It, and one of our best You're Welcome Dick Wolf ideas to date.