Season 12 - Behave (Part 2)

Jeff and Eli are back to talk through the second half of the season 12 episode Behave. Part 2 of the review starts with the return of the Thirty Second Recap from Clueless Sean and also includes full commentary on the fantastic montage of the entire elite squad coming together and tormenting the perp culminating with Olivia Benson telling him "You're my bitch now." This SVU episode also features the introduction of the untested rape kit epidemic in the country that has become an important cornerstone of the show's identity since. Segments this week include Making a Marathon - Serial Criminal edition, Fun Fact(s) of the Week, Talent Scouting With Dick Wolf, IMDb Credit of the Week, Episode (K)EGOT, a no-brainer Cop of the Week, and the long anticipated return of Eli's Hot Take of the Week.