Season 5 - Sick

In this review of the 2004 episode Sick Jeff and Eli recap the story of William Tripley (aka Michael Jackson) - the eccentric billionaire may have used his money to cover up his love for children (sound familiar?) This episode also sparked debate on whether a child who is a victim of abuse can also still be a psychopath as well as the long awaited return of Eli's Hot Take of the Week. The rewind features multiple guests culminating in dueling 30 second recaps. Additional segments include Making a Marathon, Simpsons Did It, Where Were You When?, Talent Scouting With Dick Wolf, Fun Fact(s) of the Week, IMDb Credit of the Week, You're Welcome Dick Wolf, (Honerary) Cop of the Week, and Next Witness featuring the return of our lawyer to answer all of the pressing legal questions that arose during the viewing.