Season 9 - Closet

In honor of the Patriots and Tom Brady playing in the Big Game we decided to review the season nine episode Closet. This SVU episode revolves around Lincoln "Tom Brady" Haver who is the best quarterback in pro football until he is mistakenly outed after his boyfriend is murdered and he is forced to retire after his history of concussions are brought to light. Our football themed review also features an interview with a former Ohio State coaching intern, a Mount Rushmore of fictional football characters, a Balls to the Wall SVU Marathon in Making a Marathon, a You're Welcome Dick Wolf that connects Mike Shanahan to a prostitution conspiracy theory, and a return of the Snack Segment for Super Bowl foods. Additional segments include Taylor's 30 Second Recap, SVU in the News, Simpsons Did It, IMDb Credit of the Week, Talent Scouting with The USA Network, and (Worst) Cop of the Week.