Season 11 - Unstable

After a short break for March Madness, Jeff and Eli are back and they are reviewing the Season 11 premiere Unstable. This episode features notable guest stars Wentworth Miller aka the guy from Prison Break aka Bad Boy Stabler as well as Mahershala Ali in the role that probably led to the role that led to the role of him winning an Oscar. The team breaks down the episode in full including an in-depth look at the supposed cliffhanger ending that they provide some definitive resolution. Segments for the week include Making A Marathon, SVU in the News, Episode EGOT, Fun Fact(s) of the Week, a You're Welcome Dick Wolf where Eli basically narrates Rick Pitino's life, What's Happening on Twitter, IMDb Credit of the Week, and our Cop of the Week (Spoilers - Detective Nate Kendall wins and instead of a fruit basket we will be sending him a carton of cigarettes and a pound of smoked meats.) DUN DUN.