Season 7 - 911

Jeff and Eli are back to provide their takes on what is regarding by most as the best episode of Law & Order SVU. Contrary to this popular belief, the team at The SVU Podcast: Characters Welcome did not agree as they broke down this episode in full - pointing out both why it may be overrated, how it could be improved, and how the lawyers from Serial could have learned a thing or two about cell phone towers. This review culminates with a Power Rankings of other television/movie stories that would make better SVU episodes (Spoilers - Dennis the Menace Movie is at the top). This week includes a doctor themed Making a Marathon and a Talent Scouting With Shonda Rhimes courtesy of the appearance of Chandra Wilson aka Miranda Bailey as an FBI agent. Additional segments include SVU in the News, IMDb Credit of the Week, Simpsons Did It, You're Welcome Dick Wolf, Cop of the Week, and the return of Where Were You When featuring the theme song from a certain Best Buy murderer's story.