Season 11 - Savior

The SVU Podcast team is doing their best to get Mischa Barton back in the TV spotlight with their review of the season 11 episode Savior. In quite possibly the most comically entertaining Law & Order SVU episode, detectives Benson and Stabler track down a serial rapist who is targeting prostitutes while leaving behind crazy religious propaganda. But more importantly, detectives Benson and Stabler spend the entire episodes exchanging one liners, arguing with pimps, and licking cocaine off IDs. In honor of Mischa Barton, the review features a Power Rankings of High School TV shows (with a Friday Night Lights vs. Boy Meets World Debate). Additional segments include Making a Marathon, SVU in the News, Fun Fact(s) of the Week, Talent Scouting With Dick Wolf, IMDb Credit of the Week, You're Welcome Dick Wolf, and Cop of the Week (Congrats Spud!!!!)