Season 11 - Shadow (Part 1)

In the first half of this review of the Season 11 episode Shadow, Jeff and Eli take a dive into an early acting performance of Sarah Paulson. An episode that first seems to be about a wealthy woman whose parents are murdered transitions into a Lizzie Borden inspired crime and the introduction of one of the best characters in SVU history - Ash Ramsey (Naveen Andrews). Along the way Jeff learns that he is definitely not an art person, Eli learns what a red-collar crime is, and the two both learn that Benson is back on her bullshit. Segments this week include Fun Fact(s) of the Week, Episode EGOT (Emmy Nominations Edition), SVU in the News, the premiere of the Official SVU Podcast: Characters Welcome Friends of the Podcast Power Rankings, Simpsons Did It, a half hearted You're Welcome Dick Wolf, and the introduction of the new segment Eli Investigates where we all learn about the R. Kelly situation.