Season 10 - Babes (Part 1)

Eli and Jeff are back and ready to discuss the Season 10 episode Babes. The episode begins with a charming dinner date between two young lovers is quickly ruined by a naked schizophrenic homeless man who runs through a restaurant on fire and without a penis. Even more shocking is the fact that this series of events transforms into an entirely new investigate surrounding what appears to be a pregnancy pact at a local high school. However, most noteworthy is the introduction of arguably the best side character in Law & Order SVU history in Dizzer - a local DJ with a talent for both wrecking decks and getting sex. This review also features the first live studio audience in the podcast's history as well as suggestions for how to always have an alibi. Segments this week include Making A Marathon - Baby Crazy edition, a month's worth of SVU in the News, Simpsons Did It, and You're Welcome Dick Wolf.