Season 13 - Hunting Ground (Part 1)

The SVU Podcast: Characters Welcome is back for its first episode of 2018. The episode begins with an important recap of important events that have passed since our last podcast including a review of our Holiday Party and the announcing of our winner to our first T-Shirt giveaway. 2018 also brought new review guests to the podcast with Clueless Sean's girlfriend and Doesn't Understand Takes Kirsti. The first half of the review for the Season 13 episode Hunting Ground includes Eli's analysis on the Girlfriend Experience and his observation on the connection between serial killers and eyeglasses/terrible haircuts. Segments this week include SVU in the News featuring a John Stamos update, Fun Fact(s) of the Week: Harry Connick Jr. Edition, Episode EGOT, Simpsons Did It, and a halfhearted You're Welcome Dick Wolf. And make sure to listen until the very end as Eli decides to announce another giveaway contest where we plead for more 5-Star reviews.